Changing the Rules of M&A

“With over $20 Million in new & contracted acquisitions in the first half of 2019, Clear Capital Partners (CCP) is well positioned to be the next M&A darling for attracting capital.”

What started as a part-time venture in 2017, has turned into a very successful full-time operation. Led by CEO, Chris Isbell, the CCP team has created a way to solve a big problem in the Small to Medium sized business space.  “I was looking into my next investment opportunity, and stumbled upon some very compelling data in the world of Small to Medium size businesses.”

[$500,000 to $5M Revenue]

“Of 6 Million registered small businesses in the U.S. that have more than 1 employee, 93% are what you would consider mom and pop entities.  Of those 93%, over half are owned by baby boomers looking to retire within the next 10 years.  Unfortunately, over 80% of the businesses in this space that are listed for sale, don’t sell.  That’s a massive opportunity for someone who could scale an acquisition process.” Isbell stated.

Together, the Partners at Clear Capital developed a well-oiled system for quickly identifying, analyzing, and acquiring businesses in this space.  Isbell points out, “The reason over 80% of small businesses don’t sell, is because the prospective pool of buyers is very small.  The ideal buyer is typically one of their children or a competitor across town.  A large equity firm or investment bank wants to see minimum revenues at $10M a year or more, before they will even look at it.  What we have uniquely done at CCP is create a solid, automated system for acquiring and transitioning these small businesses.”

Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss what future opportunities there may be for you, or for more information out CCP.


Our Vision

With over 100 years of combined professional experience, our team believes that clients are not just “clients”, but are treated, in a more collaborate effort, as an actual “Partner” of “Clear Capital”. Furthermore, part of that same collaboration is to maintain a smooth transition for the business owner enabling them to scale and solve bigger and more meaningful problems.